🇺🇦 We're pledging all profits during the store launch to the Ukraine crisis 🇺🇦

Our Mission

🇺🇦 We're pledging all profits during the store launch to the Ukraine crisis 🇺🇦


Hi, Dan here 👋

I'm here to tell you that every purchase you make at the BYOL Store goes towards helping something much bigger than myself, the team and even the students here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

Ukraine heart flag

To support the immediate need for help in Ukraine, we're diverting donations from our mission (below) to help humanitarian aid reach where it's needed most. 


The mission behind BYOL Store...

Myself and the BYOL team are on a mission to develop a long term community responsibility plan, and while we’re working on that we're committed to supporting technologies in schools in poor educational outcome areas near where I grew up.

It's our way of giving back, passing it on and making the world a better place.

So when you order a t-shirt (or anything else!) from our store, you'll know that you've contributed to something that will make a difference because we're donating funds generated by the store directly into computer equipment and software for school children, giving them a better start in design.

Girl student studying on laptop

As BYOL grows as a business, we grow our charitable output not only through money but with support for teachers, students and parents.

We have lots of ideas and we’ve already made our first steps into supporting teachers. We’re working in small iterative steps to help and it's exciting to be embarking on this journey.

Thank you so much for being here with us.

- Dan